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  1. NEXT SNMP/WEB card
    It integrated with NEXTVision software, SNMP manager works as an enhanced communication solution for UPS monitoring and management. This SNMP manager card allows remote monitor and manage multiple UPSs from anywhere with Internet access. Meer info
    € 165,00

  2. NEXT ModBus Interface for MantisRT/Logix/LogixRT
    The Modbus card provides UPS and PV inverter systems with the functionality of communication with PCs through MODBUS protocol. Meer info
    € 126,00

  3. NEXT AS400 card
    AS400 Interface for MantisRT/Logix/LogixRT Meer info
    € 126,00

  4. NEXT Environmental Monitoring device for Temp/Humidity for SNMP Interface

    Vochtigheidscontrole, temperatuurcontrole

    Omgevings- en toegangssensoren om te gebruiken in combinatie met Next UPS-en.

    Meer info
    € 126,00